On field assignment in India

Sean's Story

I’ve always devoted my life to helping people, first as an international aid worker in African refugee camps and later as a public health researcher and ethicist.   

Along the way, I both helped and neglected myself. I spent years as a competitive martial artist and marathon runner. I also spent years sidelined, unable to participate these same athletic activities due to various injuries and illnesses.   

Hiking at Great Falls

My dietary habits similarly alternated between die-hard vegetarianism and die-fast overconsumption of heavily processed foods found in the modern American diet.   

It took a recent health crisis and the loss of a parent for me to accept that my orthorexic eating habits, my insane exercise routines, my intensive work schedule, and even my unfocused spiritual practices were part of the problem.

Something (or perhaps everything) needed to change.     

Prayer wheels in Kathmandu, Nepal

I’ve now regained control of my body by adopting a primal lifestyle. I’ve also regained control of my life through a careful combination of healthy eating, moderate strength training, joyful play, and daily meditation.   

In doing so, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and skills in physical fitness and mental health, becoming a trained personal chef and certified primal health, nutrition, and wellness coach.   

Applying the same devotion that has helped me change my life, I would now like to help others achieve their physical and mental goals.